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Residential Lightning Contractor

Protect Your Property & Loved Ones

Whether your home is on the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf Coast, the Northeast or in the lower peninsula or upper peninsula of Michigan. We can provide protection and peace of mind.

Typical Concealed Residence

Typical Exposed Residence

Want to see these drawings larger, click for the original sized versions here – Concealed or Exposed!

There are two types of lightning protection systems that can be installed on your home, a concealed lightning protection system where only the lightning rods themselves are visible or an exposed system where most of the lightning protection components are visible. Sometimes we are able to use a partially concealed system hiding some of the lightning protection components but not others. The most cost effective time to install an unobtrusive concealed lightning protection system is during the construction of your home. We can also retrofit any existing home with a lightning protection system as well.

The National Fire Protection Association states
“There are few fire causes against which so reliable a defense is available”-as a lightning protection system, properly made and properly installed.

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